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With FIVE1 CS5 knowledge can be stored directly to the context. Either in a dedicated area, or directly in the data table. By combining systematically ascertained and manually entered information, information is transparent and the differences in comprehensible decisions are explicable. Last but not least with FIVE1 CS5 a company-wide understandable view of key figures can be established.

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The main goal what management in the 21st century must achieve is increasing the productivity of knowledge workers. Peter Drucker

Knowledge is defined as an inventory of facts characterized by the greatest possible degree of certainty available for individuals or groups. Knowledge is information soaked with the context of experience.

Information is a data component which caused a difference in the observer by the observer-dependent relevance.

Data is something that can be perceived, but not necessarily.


Collaboration Suite for HTML5

You invest high amounts in providing information. Get more out of your data with FIVE1 CS5! According to a study conducted by the IDC on behalf of McKinsey, the productivity of employees can be increased by up to 25% by using "social" technologies.

Analytical processes are becoming even more important in business. Numbers reflect the facts precisely but conclusions, principles or measures are not included directly.

Manual intelligence

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Commentary and much more

Especially in controlling or planning processes information must be provided with manual intelligence repeatedly. Be it through a helpful comment or additional information which is not available in the system yet. Specifying measures, expectations or targets are also typical use cases for FIVE1 CS5.

Simply use FIVE1 CS5 along with an existing (SAP Design Studio) application and you are ready to start. FIVE1 CS5 expands any standard table to a variety of new features. No scripting customization, no replacement of components - and certainly no adaptation of the data model!

A little technology

See what's behind

The frontend of FIVE1 CS5 is fully developed in HTML5 and seamlessly integrated into the SAP Design Studio. Thus we leverage the SAP platform recommended for device-independent reporting, planning and dashboarding.
Annotations can be of any length and can have almost any formating. All information on the respective context is stored in the SAP Business Warehouse centrally. During ongoing operation neither a customizing or modification in the backend, nor a special data structure is needed. With very little extra effort the comments can be further used in all other SAP frontend tools as well.

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Initially the available information associated with FIVE1 CS5 data source(s) will be collected in the frontend. These are mainly meta-data and the parsed line structure. These are passed to the SAP backend along with the settings made by the user.

Each single comment request goes through basically the same procedures as the data for loading enterprise data warehouses. Except it is fully automatic.
In the first step in a single request it is checked whether a dimension is an Info Object by checking whether meta data exist. If meta data was found these settings are applied on this key value. The spectrum ranges here from simple type conversions through applying conversion functions to the resolution of stapled key references.

Besides MultiProviders, Cubes, DSOs and aggregation levels FIVE1 CS5 also supports queries as a data source. Even query structures, such as restricted key figures are evaluated. Also BEx variables are taken into account in the key recognition. Even when using within restricted key figures this is not a problem. The detection and resolution of compounded infoobjects are supported with only few restrictions.

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We are working on several highlights for the upcoming 3.0 version of FIVE1 CS5. In the future comments can be recorded not only row by row but also directly to a data cell. The comment history for a data-context will be displayed chronologically. In particular, we are looking forward to the completely new functions for status tracking and to integrate external data sources.

The status tracking functionality makes the modeling of processes possible via drag & drop. With the help on if-then relationships adapted to the specific requirements the transition between process steps can be adjusted. So clear deadlines and clear assignments of tasks can be coordinated more easily even with a variety of stakeholders. Because nothing is more important for the success of the complex planning and reporting processes than cooperation.

FIVE1 CS5 software will be able to process data from flat files as well. So you can for example link local data from Excel with existing information in SAP Business Warehouse. The plan is to support not just simple UNIONs but also the types of JOINs like INNER-, LEFT OUTER-, RIGHT-OUTER and OUTER JOIN.

Many other useful features will complement the existing offer afterwards.

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Collaboration Decision Making

FIVE1 CS5 is being progressively expanded to a powerful "Collaboration Decision Making" Suite. Highlights of the upcoming 3.0 version will be status / tracking, release mechanisms and workflow. With FIVE1 CS5 you will be able to model your processes using simply drag and drop. Determine the rules for the workflow with the use of flexibly adjustable conditions.

In the meantime your IT can take care of other things, since you do not need it.

FIVE1 CS5 is available in two different versions. With our "Basic" package you get the installation package and all the necessary information online. You have to perform the installation by yourself. When basic set-up procedure is done, we offer a post-installation check (remote) for free. In the “Advanced” package we additionally introduce you the functionality and create an initial report in collaboration with you (online). For the first 4 week you'll have access to a personal assistant by phone.

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Only the necessary:

  • Installation package
  • License keys
  • User's Guide
  • Post-Installation Check


In addition to "Basic":

  • Introduction
  • Create the initial report
  • Personal assistant

DIY enthusiasts

DFY people



Productive in less then four hours
30 day evaluation license available
Any text formating
Any text length
Context sensitive storage in SAP BW
For Reporting and Planning
No changes in the backend system
Scripting for advances application design
HANA Datasources
System requirements: SAP BW and SAP BO Server or SAP Portal