SpreadSheet eXperience

for SAP Design Studio

A powerful Spreadsheet Component for SAP Design Studio that gives you a lot of functionality from Microsoft Excel in your browser. This is what we call SpreadSheet eXperience.
With FIVE1 SX5 you can import and export Excel-Files and print to pdf. Use Cell references, Formulas, conditional formatting, copy & paste and much more. With the help of FIVE1 SX5 you will bring your Design Studio applications to the next level of user experience.

FIVE1 SX5 is currently available in a Beta state. You can evaluate the software by registering for our Co-innovation program. Please contact us for further details.



Spreadsheet in Browser
Import and Export of Excel-Files
Conditional Formatting
Usage of SAP Design Studio Data Sources
Support of Excel Formulas
Productive in less then four hours
30 day evaluation license available
No changes in the backend system
System requirements: SAP BW and SAP BO Server or SAP Portal